EP225: Know Your Strengths, Own It and Become a True Specialist with Sarah Spiers of Chaulk Education

Some of my favourite episodes here on the podcast are one’s like today’s. It is episodes where I get to chat to somebody who is not just a talented educator in hair colouring, with a deep understanding of the science behind it, but somebody who shares the in’s and outs of owing your unique fingerprint and becoming a true specialist.

Today’s guest, Sarah Spiers co-created Chaulk education with Lianne Storer, because of being bored of the same way day in day out on how to do something. Sarah had learnt over the years that everyone is unique, everyone has something to give and if they have that support they can build their confidence and shine using their unique fingerprint. I thought it would be fab to unpack this today.

Chaulk education ethos of being brand neutral that delivers hair science to the masses in a fun interactive way. I asked her questions you might ask if you’re looking to find a spark for you to shine brightly by understanding nobody else can emulate what you do. It’s your signature! As she says, “Do not compare and dim that light’. So if that sounds inspiring to you, this episode is a must listen. We will also get an emotional reveal in this conversation of a massive new direction for Chaulk education.

Sarah is all about mentoring and empowering todays hair colourists to have no more of them ‘fingers crossed moments’ on the salon floor. It’s all about being a true specialist in what you do!



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Thank you to Sarah Spiers for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.







Show notes

Heres some of what we cover in our conversation with Sarah Spiers
  • 03 min 56 sec: Great decade to be learning hairdressing.
  • 07 min 18 sec: Why Sarah specialised in hair colouring.
  • 11 min 15 sec: Knowing your why?
  • 15 min 44 sec: Making the science of hair colouring fun, not fearful.
  • 21 min 08 sec: Filling in the gaps through knowledge.
  • 25 min 30 sec: A journey of colour education through mentorship.
  • 28 min 17 sec:About CHAULK education..
  • 35 min 55 sec: Dealing with Leanne leaving CHAULK.
  • 42 min 15 sec: Own it, your unique fingerprint!
  • 48 min 06 sec: Filling in the gaps that NVQ misses.
  • 49 min 29 sec: Get in touch with Sarah.
  • 52 min 15 sec: Sarahs Big Takeaway.

Todays guest

Starting out in a hairdressing career in the late 1980’s, Sarah has worked at some of the biggest salon names in the industry, including Toni & Guy, Trevor Sorbie, Richard Ward, Brooks and Brooks and Not Another Salon. In 2017 she co-founded with Liane Storer, Chaulk Education, a drand neutral teaching using science knowhow to empower confidence and encourage different thinking with  hair colour. 

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