EP332: Janene Hawkins Bush’s Innovative Approach to Salon Ownership and Education

Today we’re to be joined by Janene Hawkins Bush. who unravels the blueprint for cultivating thriving salon businesses through team ownership, and seizing every opportunity—without fear. Leading four award-winning salons along the Suffolk coast, Janene Hawkins Bush is committed to moulding the next generation of stylists and salon leaders. She mentors her team members, helping many to develop the skills and […]

EP331: Sharpen Your Skills – Francesca Rivetti’s Blueprint for Hairdressing Mastery

Today we’re joined by Francesca Rivetti, an award-winning hairstylist who hails from the UK but has made her mark in America. Francesca’s journey is inspiring. From her early days immersed in hair design to pioneering roles with Graham Webb International and winning major awards like the NAHA Editorial award, Francesca has shaped a career marked by creativity, […]

EP327: Become a Hair Loss Adviser: Transforming Lives with Tiffany Hall

In the latest How To Cut It podcast, we’re exploring hair loss and the transformative role hairdressers can play as Hair Loss Advisors with trichologist Tiffany Hall. With a career that evolved from a hair colourist at Vidal Sassoon to a trichologist, Tiffany has championed the integration of trichology into salon services, significantly impacting client care and confidence. Tiffany Hall discusses the rising issue […]

EP326: How Reviews Transform Salon Businesses with Adam Thomas of Salonspy

In today episode we’re joined by Adam Thomas, the innovative founder behind salonspy. In our conversation we’re to discover the critical role of client reviews in the salon industry and uncover why they are more than just feedback—they are the cornerstone for building trust and driving business growth. According to Qualtrics, 96% of consumers read […]

EP325: Shaping Futures with Joanne Doward – The Impact of College Hair Education

In this week’s episode of the How To Cut It podcast, we talk with Joanne Doward about her journey to becoming a collegelecturer in hairdressing education, and how she’s using that experience to inspire others in college hair education. With over 30 years dedicated to aspiring the next generation of stylists at West Suffolk College, in this episode, […]

EP323: Adam Garland – Success as a Leading Session Stylist Amidst Life’s Battles

Join us on this week’s episode of HTCI as we dive into the depths of Session Styling with Adam Garland. Adam is a renowned session stylist recognised for his innovative approach in the field of backstage hair styling education In our conversation, Adam is to lay bare his tumultuous path to success, marked by personal challenges, including overcoming drug addiction and navigating […]