EP279: Belinda Mindset – Thriving to a Hairdressing Career with Real Purpose!

The mission for todays guest, Belinda Hillman of Belinda Mindset, is to teach every hair, beauty and barber learner from every background with the skills that empowers them to the success they all deserve.

A career in hairdressing has the power to both change lives and to support you financially. It certainly changed the life of Belinda. In this episode Belinda is to share how hairdressing gave her a purpose to discovering herself, a self-discipline and an identity. It gave Belinda the importance of thriving not surviving.

But thriving is so much more than just money!

Thriving for Belinda is still laughing with her husband after 20 years. Thriving is seeing her children grow into amazing young men. Thriving is being able to travel the world. Thriving is living the life that she chooses. Thats the Power of what a career in hairdressing can give you. Belinda reveals today how she is sharing the gospel to inspiring a new generation of learners coming into the industry, that they too can thrive! Something she is doing through her Belinda Mindset coaching business and motivational cards.

The message that comes through loud and clear is that choosing a career in hairdressing can also help you create the life you want to choose! Learn what fires you up and make sure to be right there when opportunities presents itself. As Belinda say’s, “Filling in the gaps of knowledge is like putting on clear glasses!” So let me tell you, this podcast with Belinda is like putting on them clear glasses. It’s time to thrive!



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Thank you Belinda Hillman  for joining me on todays podcast.

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