(Bonus Episode): Be Green in ’19 – with Rob Cooper of Scrummi Towels

I’m going to shout this one out aloud: we need our industry to become better at being green and sustainable. Helping create a sustainable earth is one the most important issues facing each and every person on the planet. But how can our industry play it’s part in achieving this? Well, this is why I have Rob Cooper Founder of Scrummi on this Bonus Episode podcast with me today to share his mission to creating a more greener and sustainable landscape for our industry. Let’s get into it!

Rob Cooper is a 4th generation environmentally focused textile entrepreneur. He wanted to use his background and knowledge in disposable textiles to make a global difference. A chance conversation with a Scottish salon owner in 2008 brought his attention to the environmental damage caused by laundering towels and highlighted the need for a credible, sustainable alternative to cotton towels. This was a product that Rob knew he could create.

With a clear goal of reducing the environmental damage of the hairdressing business, Rob set about creating Scrummi. Rob’s goal was to produce a sustainable and biodegradable towel that would work better than a washable salon towel. It was important that the manufacture and supply of these towels were considered throughout the process to ensure that the entire environmental life cycle impact was minimal.

It’s big news at the moment! Plastics, chemically contaminated water, hidden plastics and microfibres are all taking their toll. And we’re burning through the planets non renewable energy supplies very quickly! Change is needed!

As a collection of hairdressers, colourists & stylists it is important that we are all aware of the effects that our industry can have on the environment. With over 42,000 hairdressing and barbering businesses in the UK, it’s vital we all make at least one small change to help protect the environment for our future generations. I ask that this interview today with Rob will be the spark we all need to making our industry become a more sustainable and greener place. Hit play and soak it all in! It really does matter!



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Special thanks to Rob Cooper for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

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Show notes

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode
  • >> 00 min 29 sec: Show intro
  • >> 03 min 41 sec: Co-founder of the Sustainable Spa Association
  • >> 06 min 24 sec: What is why did Rob create Scrummi towels
  • >> 11 min 19 sec: Is the industry improving our green credentials
  • >> 12 min 28 sec: Who’s policing companies green credentials and claims
  • >> 14 min 25 sec: Why switching to a disposable will make a difference
  • >> 16 min 00 sec: The green credentials of the Scrummi towel product
  • >> 19 min 56 sec: The challenge for salons being more green and sustainable
  • >> 21 min 52 sec: The alternatives to plastic packaging
  • >> 25 min 20 sec: What is happening to the contaminated water we’re flushing away
  • >> 27 min 02 sec: Be aware of to some brands claims of disposable towels
  • >> 28 min 20 sec: Scrummi’s range of products
  • >> 29 min 30 sec: The different reasons why customers are using Scrummi towels
  • >> 31 min 21 sec: Why we should feel encouraged we are making a change
  • >> 33 min 00 sec: Be Green in ’19
  • >> 34 min 22 sec: How to find out more on Scrummi towels
  • >> 35 min 08 sec: More to come from Scrummi
  • >> 37 min 21 sec: Last 5 Questions
  • >> 40 min 29 sec: Show outro

Todays guest

Founder and Managing Director of Scrummi, Rob Cooper spent the first 9 years of his working life working for his father’s business which manufactured disposable cleaning cloths and wet wipes. After doing a marketing and product development, it allowed Rob to gain a deep technical insight in to what it is possible to achieve with modern textile technology. In 2009 Rob founded Scrummi, and today their team is 10 strong and they sell in most European countries via distributor partners and they even ship to the USA and Middle East. In 2018 Rob co-founded the Sustainable Spa Association, a not for profit organisation with the aim of helping spa operators make measurable, profitable sustainability gains within their business.
scrummi.com @scrummitowels The Sustainable Spa Association #begreenin19    

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