David Drew: A Sat Nav Guide to Future Proofing your Salon Business

For today episode we are joined by Hair Salons Business Expert and Chairman of the Hair & Barber Council, David Drew. As a fully accredited qualified performance coach of substantial standing in UK hairdressing, David’s coaching philosophy is simple: He delivers up-beat service performance seminars and better-business courses designed to motivate & have all hairstylists & salon teams […]

Vicki Lord: It’s Time to Thrive Again!

Buckle up because today’s episode is a rollercoaster ride with celebrity, session stylist and TV Hair Expert, Vicki Lord. In this riveting episode, Vicki bares it all, recounting the highs and lows of her journey, from the closing of her salon business during COVID to her comeback trail. But the narrative doesn’t conclude there—brace yourself for an intimate exploration of Vicki’s personal realm, […]

Melanie Tudor: How and Why Your Salon Business Needs to Become More Sustainable

Melenie Tudor owner of the sustainable salon Enroute

Becoming a more sustainable salon business is crucial for our planet. By being a more sustainable salon business helps reduce environmental impact, minimise resource consumption, and contributes to the preservation of natural ecosystems. Failure to adopt sustainable measures can add to heightened carbon emissions, increased waste accumulation, and further degradation of natural resources, exacerbating the […]

Sophia Solo – Not Another Business Meeting

Not Another Business Podcast with Sophia Hilton

In this podcast, you will learn three take away ideas for your next team meeting! In the past eight years, I’ve documented every time I have a great meeting and what it was that made it great.  However, conversely. I’ve also noted down when I’ve had an absolutely shit meeting. In this episode, completely free […]

Start Up Story – A Sex Party

Not Another Business Podcast with Sophia Hilton

Have a sneaky peek into a world you might not know. Emma, incredibly intelligent ex journalist decided 1 year ago that sex party’s were to be her first business venture! As you will find out, no matter what business you are in all of the stresses are same- there is something to relate to for […]

Start Up Story- When you don’t believe in yourself!

Not Another Business Podcast with Sophia Hilton

If you are struggling with a low of sense of worth, thinking you are not worthy of something better listen to this. Ryo didn’t think she was either… From serving tea on the trains on minimum wage for 8 years to 60k in her first year she has defied the odds and made her dreams […]

Not Another Miscommunication with Norman Boulton

Not Another Business Podcast with Sophia Hilton

In this daring episode myself and my employee, Norman Boulton, take the plunge and go through every miscommunication we’ve had in 6 years. While I cringe, you can listen to the uncomfortable sound of me swallowing some hard pills. Just the right of amount of awkward and lots of laughing at ourselves, this episode is […]